On the spot:

Murat Quaire: Water level of Prè-Cohadon (small water level 2 ha), fishing, beach. With the program idleness and bathe (not supervised). Game of bowls. Site European Model aircraft making the Hamper of Ordanche. Pottery: workshop of pottery, exposure-sale, course of turning, teaching day.

Firm Teaching: The chevrery of the Mounts Gilds. Discovered of a farm and its environment through the farm and its story. Activities suggested: draft of the chévres, nourrissage of the lambs to the feeding-bottle, moulding of cheeses, sale of goat's milk cheeses.

La CaBanne
Route de la Banne d'Ordanche
63150 Murat le Quaire
Tél + 33 4 73 81 19 25
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From 10 mn with 1/2 hour:

Re-arrangement: day discovered or stay wellbeing. Fixed price relieving-form. Fixed price blows. Fixed price of the voice.

Parks: Park Fenestrates and Park of Léchades. Miniature golf, roller, course orientation, toboggan of summer

Club of Geology: Geological and ludic discovery of the 5 continents.






Skating rink.

Lyons Boulodrôme.

Swimming pool.

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